4.  Ake arrives for the pre-planned basketball game viewing at Paddy's, and Paddy tags Billy immediately.  Billy holds the tag throughout the game.

5. Beef has to be in Everett, and had planned to Uber but Billy offers a ride and Beef agrees to take the tag back in exchange.

6. Feb 11-24:  Beef tries to collude with Bruiser but Bru's Spoke trip cancelled and Beef has to travel in the interim... but two weeks later...

7. Feb 25: he drives from Seattle to Spokane and agrees to collude with Joey T to stalk Mengo and Mikey.  JT meets Beef and they stalk the Mengo pad up north in case he comes out from babysitting duty, but since wifey was not home he was stuck inside dealing with his 6 miniature agents of chaos.  

8.  JT gets intel from Jacki that she and Mikey K will be at Jack n Dans to pre-func the GU game.  They roll down there about 6.  Beef starts in back, checks the can first, then the restaurant, the new bar side, then finally spots him and Jack on the old bar side and assaults Mikey with the left mitt while filming with the right.  

9.  After hooting it up for an hour, the crew breaks up, and by gentleman's agreement, JT takes the tag from Mikey since Mikey had a flight to London in th morning.  Serious thought was given by Mikey to road trip to Montana to accost Padre Raftis in his mountain lair, but the turnaround time to catch the flight was too risky.  JT's schedule too packed to stalk Mengo at work and Ake stayed on Seattle side, so the plague is with Joey T once again.

Well played, brothers, and for the 26th consecutive year....Keep on Taggin'!

BD is IT!  Unfortunately he fell prey to the "UPS Guy" ruse.  Here's the rundown of Epic Tag 2016:
1. Mengo transfers tag to Tbone (by plan?)on Feb 5 or so.  If by plan then Tbone probably felt guilty for his treacherous back stab on Mengano at 11pm on 28th last year.  
2. Tbone and Richie drive to Townsend, MT  on Feb 6 and stay overnight in a cave with Leo DiCaprio.  OK maybe not, but that sounds better than a motel.
3. Next morning boys go to church and sit in front row.  Padre sees them and considers Montana's first Exorcism.  Richie tags Padre and is allowed to speak words of our friendship history to the congregation.  All are moved to tears not by his words, but his mauve leisure suit.
4. Rafty keeps the tag for a week and then drives to Spoke and by collaboration transfers it to Mengo.   Mengo and Tbone plan to get Beef at Snake's Mom Marie's 90th birthday party at Quest Casino.

2017 Tag Recap

Joey T is IT!

Tagged by Mikey in Jack n Dan's over the weekend, the clock ran out before he could pass the shame along.


1.  Feb 11:  BD stalks Paddy at his house but Paddy sees him and retreats inside, locking the doors.  BD contemplates busting a window out but isn't that desperate yet. He calls Snake.

2. Snake knows the possible whereabouts of Beef.  Snake speculates that Beef might be at his studio in Bellevue.  After an hour of circling around since Snake only knew the place by landmarks, BD finally sees Beef's truck parked behind the building.  He hears music blaring inside so sets off his car alarm to see if Beef will come out.  The rollup door opens and Beef is tagged.

3. BD drives Beef to Paddy's and drops him off out of sight of the house.  Beef storms the backyard, knowing Paddy will likely be on the back porch smoking...he was.  Tag applied to Paddy without a chase as he was cornered.

2016 Tag Recap

5. At Quest on Saturday the 20th about 11pm, JT announced that he lost a bet to Vern and that Beef had to go to the bar and buy 3 shots of Cuervo.  Vern said that was an example of St Als math.  As Beef was waiting for the drink order, a tall cowboy at the bar with tight Bugle Boys said,  "Ordering quite a few drinks there pardner!"  Beef was hit by Brokeback Cowboy Mengo.  Beef drove back the next day to the West side and held the curse for one week.
6. Saturday the 27th  drove to Tacoma in the morning.  At the Grand Cinema in Tacoma waterfront area, Beef  hit Leepy in the theater  at 6:40 while he and Jules and friends waited for show to start...Abe Lincoln shot to the back of the head.  Closed down the wine bar nearby with much chortling.  Julie very proud of her betrayal.  Beef had contacted young Will first via text, and he got mom in on it.  Thought Leep might make a run but the pass looked snowy when I checked next day.
7.  Lepus drove to Seattle to get BD Sunday morning and was able to successfully interrupt his family time.  Took advantage of the rainy weather and put on his rain gear, hood up.  Stood a little to the side looking out to the street so all he could see through the door window was a guy with package and a clip board.  Tagged him when he opened the door.  Johanna and her sister were there to witness it, along with BD's daughter.  
8.   After the UPS tag by Chris, BD drove to the Eastside and checked out Snake's house and Beef's abode.  BD parked a few houses away and listened to some classic rock for an hour while watching both homes for any sign of life.  Beef was a no show.  His neighbors are pretty sketchy so BD came up with another plan:  texted Snake to learn of Beef's habits.  He described Beef's truck (sounds very butch).  Snake told BD where Beef likes to hang out and "toss some iron" (that may be a euphemism).  So, BD prowled the parking lots of three different establishments for another few hours.  He even scoped out the local Safeway, and did a few drive-bys of a kiddie playground because, well you know.  Again, no show.
BD's quote: "I sulked back home after a day of frustration and shame.  I am IT."

Well done Boys!  Another year of rousing arrested development!  Good on ya, and Keep on Tagging'! 

The 10 Players of Epic Tag since 1990