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Tag Brothers at Coeur d'Alene Lake Jun 22, 2013
The 2014 Tag Season featured disguised ambushes, a Godfather-style restaurant hit, home sieges, workplace attacks, foot chases, and a car chase...the Bruiser ended up with the disease.
Mikey started out IT for the second year in a row. He immediately tagged Mengo, who passed the tag to Joey T for a Seattle run.  

Teaming with Beef and an accomplice or two in the Dennehy family, JT and Beef dressed as nuns and ambushed BD at the U Village as they approached a popular restaurant.  BD tagged Lepus, then Lepus was turned back from an assault on Paddy at his office.

Undeterred, Lepus traveled to Spokane with the whole family to a big basketball game where JT would be vulnerable to attack.  Leep finally saw him in the crowd, and hit him while Julie caught it on video.  

On Feb 20, JT attempted an ambush on Ake at his office, but Ake was tipped off 15 minutes before the hit and made a quick escape. On Feb 24, JT joined an alliance to plan a tag of Padre Rafty in Tacoma.  He passed the tag to Ake, who flew to Seattle for business on Feb 25 then joined Beef after work in Southcenter.  Rafty met Beef in Tacoma Ram Restaurant at 8:30 while Ake hid in a bathroom stall. Rafty confirmed Beef was not IT as they sat down to have drinks.  Beef excused himself for a bathroom break and got the tag from Ake.  Beef returned to the table and put the "Michael Corleone" tag on Rafty.  Ake joined for a couple hours of laughs.  So as not to strand Rafty in Montana with the tag, it was returned to Beef thru Ake.

Wasting no time, Beef drove to Paddy's house in Kirkland for a morning siege.  Dianne happened to be driving down the driveway as Beef climbed up, and was able to warn Paddy, who locked the doors.  Beef positioned the truck to be untowable, and called Paddy with a threat to come out or he'd leave the truck there for 3 days.  Paddy countered with "go ahead, I'll take a cab...I'm going to the airport!"  So Beef decided to stay and wait him out a while.  Anticipating an escape attempt on the far side of the house, Beef positioned the truck on the driveway below the house, but out of sight of the garage.  Jesse the contractor arrived to to work, and Beef let him go up.  An hour later, Jesse walked down the driveway asking to be let out to go to Lowes. Smelling a rat, Beef backed the truck up the driveway so he could see if Paddy was hiding in Jesse's truck first.  As Jesse pulled forward, Paddy drove out of the garage to try and get behind Jesse and follow him down.  Beef cut off Jesse and Paddy and got out of the truck, and tried to open Paddy's door, which was locked of course.  Figuring Paddy would back into the garage or stay in the car at least another hour, Beef relented and let them go, since he had to go to work.  Paddy won that round.

Beef and Bruiser then struck up an alliance to attack the Spokanites on Feb 28.  A diversion was created to make it seem like a siege of BD's Nordstroms office was underway, but Beef and Bru were on the road by 7:30.  Arriving in Spoke at 12:30, a fake call was placed to Mengo's shop to try and determine his whereabouts.  He was offsite and the location was not given up by his suspicious older brother.  Next target: Mikey's house.  Two cars seen leaving about 2:45 indicated Mikey probably going to get kids from school.  Beef stalked for a while, then returned to truck.  Bru then saw Mike's wife (and Beef's cousin) Jacki in car coming towards the stakeout spot while Beef ducked.  Jacki was highly suspicious of the truck and observed it for a couple minutes, and apparently called Mike to warn him.  The stakeout blown, the assault team went on the next target.

Next target: JT at GPrep, 4 pm...Beef and Bru approached the building as JT as trying to call Bru.  Beef saw JT as he came in the door, and put a foot chase on JT, who had a 20 yard headstart and was able to lock himself in a classroom.  Beef returned to the truck, and parked it by JT's car, and Bru decided to take the tag and stay by JT's car while Beef went in to to try and flush him out.  Beef found him in another room and chased him slow to let him have a headstart to try and make it to his car, where Bru was waiting.  Obviously the tag transfer to Bru proved fatal as Beef missed an opportunity to tag JT while cornered, and JT was too smart to go for his car, so he called his daughter to get him another vehicle, a truck that Beef and Bru did not know about.  He made his escape in the truck while his daughter and her friend in another car led Beef and Bru on a chase around the complex, with slide door wide open (we thought to facilitate running entry by JT, but really was a result of Bru trying to open the door and jump in to prevent the pickup) ...all that diversion giving JT ample time to escape in the truck on the back side of the school.

Two more stakeouts at 7 and 7:30 proved fruitless as Ake and Mengo did not attempt to go home.  The night ended with Bru and Beef drinking at the Red Lion as JT, Mengo and Mikey celebrated their escapes at Pete's Pizza.  The video recaps will be completed in a couple weeks.  Next weekend the boys will be meeting at Paddy's in Cle Elum to recap and rejoice.  

Post-script: while re-enacting the school chase for the recap video, Beef blew his left hamstring and is wondering why he is playing a game that requires sprinting at age 49, but he believes the risk of injury is worth a few more laughs with the Bros.

New links to Tag Media Links page are added to include the CBS Sunday morning story and a long interview on the internet program Stepping Stones to Success.  Stay tuned for more updates, and Keep On Taggin'! 

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