The 10 Players of Epic Tag since 1990

2015 Recap

2015 started slow, but picked up momentum and finished with a flurry of operations, including a Feb 28 mascot tag on Brian Dennehy courtside by Mark Mengert at a nationally televised basketball game! Then Mengo got hit by Ake at 11:05pm to destroy his short-lived glory....but all agree the Zag Tag at the McCarthey Center was the most epic of tags to date.  Lotta credit to Joey T for cajoling the GU staff to let Mengo make the tag...even the real Spike, in what looked like might be a mascot dogfight, tried to stop the impostor from going down, but Joey T persuaded him that Mengo wasn't gonna storm the court.  Tag timeline for the Month:
Feb 18: Bru tags BD, BD tags Beef at Ram Restaurant in UVillage.
Feb 21: Beef tags Joey T in Portland to set up an ambush of Ake in the street gutter in front of Ake's daughter's apartment.
Feb 24: Ake tags Mikey at Steelhead in Spokane, Mikey tags JT after a debate about whether to go get Rafty in Montana.  The opportunity to get someone at the Feb 28 Zag game was too big an opportunity to squander.
Feb 28: Beef drives the cameras to Spokane and helps JT and Meng set up the dog costume kit and plan the arena attack.  JT buys to got sandos and meatballs for all in what turned out to be Meng's last meal before getting the yoke.  Beef gets to arena early, spots the Dennehys, and texts timeout data to JT and Meng.  At the 8 min remaining in the half, Meng made his move, gingerly stepping down to the front row, horning through, and touching BD and handing him a note saying "Tag! You're IT!.  Your buddy, Mark Mengert."  Climbing back up, he pumped his paw in triumph.  Two hours later at JJ's pub on Indian Trail,  Ake, who was at the arena and texted BD to offer to take the tag, entered the restaurant and hit Mengo at 11:05pm as he exited the bathroom.  JT and Beef were safely outside in the truck, and called Meng to negotiate a truce...we come in if he eats the tag.  He agreed.  The betrayal by Joey T was payback for Meng getting him hit by Bruiser at the GPrep dugout on Feb28.
In media news, two funny trashtalk vids were produced by Feb 7, see links on Media Links page. the Tag Bros were featured on a KHQ TV spot on Feb 25, see Media Links page.  Also the movie script is in a 3rd rewrite so New Line is still spending money...a good sign that the project is alive and moving.  So 2015 came in like a lamb and went out like a bulldog...a total recap vid is in work.  One more item...a group of West coast teachers formed a tag group and play just like we do, their facebook page is in work, and we will link to them when it's ready them and all who play and follow the antics....KEEP ON TAGGIN'!