The 10 Players of Epic Tag since 1990

2015 Recap

2015 started slow, but picked up momentum and finished with a flurry of operations, including a Feb 28 mascot tag on Brian Dennehy courtside by Mark Mengert at a nationally televised basketball game! Then Mengo got hit by Ake at 11:05pm to destroy his short-lived glory....but all agree the Zag Tag at the McCarthey Center was the most epic of tags to date.  Lotta credit to Joey T for cajoling the GU staff to let Mengo make the tag...even the real Spike, in what looked like might be a mascot dogfight, tried to stop the impostor from going down, but Joey T persuaded him that Mengo wasn't gonna storm the court.  Tag timeline for the Month:
Feb 18: Bru tags BD, BD tags Beef at Ram Restaurant in UVillage.
Feb 21: Beef tags Joey T in Portland to set up an ambush of Ake in the street gutter in front of Ake's daughter's apartment.
Feb 24: Ake tags Mikey at Steelhead in Spokane, Mikey tags JT after a debate about whether to go get Rafty in Montana.  The opportunity to get someone at the Feb 28 Zag game was too big an opportunity to squander.
Feb 28: Beef drives the cameras to Spokane and helps JT and Meng set up the dog costume kit and plan the arena attack.  JT buys to got sandos and meatballs for all in what turned out to be Meng's last meal before getting the yoke.  Beef gets to arena early, spots the Dennehys, and texts timeout data to JT and Meng.  At the 8 min remaining in the half, Meng made his move, gingerly stepping down to the front row, horning through, and touching BD and handing him a note saying "Tag! You're IT!.  Your buddy, Mark Mengert."  Climbing back up, he pumped his paw in triumph.  Two hours later at JJ's pub on Indian Trail,  Ake, who was at the arena and texted BD to offer to take the tag, entered the restaurant and hit Mengo at 11:05pm as he exited the bathroom.  JT and Beef were safely outside in the truck, and called Meng to negotiate a truce...we come in if he eats the tag.  He agreed.  The betrayal by Joey T was payback for Meng getting him hit by Bruiser at the GPrep dugout on Feb28.
In media news, two funny trashtalk vids were produced by Feb 7, see links on Media Links page. the Tag Bros were featured on a KHQ TV spot on Feb 25, see Media Links page.  Also the movie script is in a 3rd rewrite so New Line is still spending money...a good sign that the project is alive and moving.  So 2015 came in like a lamb and went out like a bulldog...a total recap vid is in work.  One more item...a group of West coast teachers formed a tag group and play just like we do, their facebook page is in work, and we will link to them when it's ready them and all who play and follow the antics....KEEP ON TAGGIN'!

1982:  Tag game starts during 10:00-10:15 Break.  Game intensity grows and innocents are injured.
1982, Last Day of School: Joey T drives to Paddy's in an atttempt to make him IT for life.  Paddy is called and tipped off, Joey T elects not to smash the window, and accepts his fate: IT for Life.
1989, Xmas Break.  Meeting with Joey T, Paddy, and others includes ridicule of Joey T for being IT for Life. Nostalgia for the thrill of the Game results in resolution for PAddy to draw up a contract to restart the Game.
1990, Jan. 27:  Tag Participation Agreement routed by mail and signed by all ten members, all original and enthusiastic players from 1982.
1990, Feb. 1: 1st Annual Tag Battle begins.

(intervening Tag Battles to be detailed)

2012 Tag Battle:
JoeyT tagged at daghter's soccer game

2013, Jan. 28:  Wall Street Journal Article published

2013 Tag Battle:
Mikey 2-1
Ake 2-4  Ambushed in car ...never leave the passenger door unlocked!
Joey T 2-4 Ambushed at Starbucks!

Another cloak and dagger Tag day...double ambushes at KING5 studios near Lake Union in Seattle resulted in the Bruiser being IT and at this writing his whereabouts are UNKNOWN. Beef arrived at the KING5 building at 9:10, 50 minutes early for the 10am interview scheduled with Michael King. Paddy pulls in to parking lot a 9:20, texts Beef to come out and talk on the phone with somebody promoting the Game.
Beef walks across the street and Paddy gets out of car, holding phone and pretends to talk on speakerphone, gesturing Beef to get closer. Paddy keeps repeating "Todd?!, Todd?!.. " into the phone, while simultaneously popping the trunk. Out jumps Joey T, tags Beef on the back and says, "Youre IT you $@^&%*!", and films Beef's shocked reaction. 
Bruiser and Leep have not arrived yet, so another caper is planned. All 3 go in King building and conspire with KING5 cameraman to hide JoeyT upstairs while interview set is prepared in lobby. JoeyT reminds Beef from his upstairs hiding place to sign in Bruiser and Leep beforehand so they don't see Joey T's name on the register.
Bruiser and Leep arrive at same time, about 9:40, and Michael King greets everybody and sets us down and starts the interview. 60 sec into Paddy's founding story, Joey T comes down another set of stairs out of Leep and Bru's sight, and sneaks up an Leep, grabs him and says, "you're IT!" ...gasps and laughter... 5 sec later, Beef stands, reaches over, shakes Bruiser's hand, and says, "No, actually, the Bruiser is IT...because JoeyT got me in the parking lot."
Much chatter, and then we had to explain the caper to Michael. Many tag stories told, and 20 or 25 minutes later we were done. JoeyT retrieved the flipcam and transferred the trunk tag clip to Michael. So last known location of the Bruiser was the KING5 parking lot, and the hijinks continue. Michael says it'll be a few days before he can put the story together, and he'll let us know when it will air. 

9Feb Bruiser, having driven to Spokane the day before, ambushes Mikey at a Sacajawea middle school basketball game.
10Feb Party at Ake's - Father Sean "the Penguin"  tagged by Mikey, the Penguin passes it to Mengo, then Mengo tags Ake at the end of the shindig.  Clearly a conspiracy is afoot
12Feb Ake meets Beef at sushi in north Seattle to pass the Tag for a hit later in the week.
14Feb Beef fails to Tag Leep downtown Seattle,  repelled by security shakedown at Union Square for looking like a terrorist in his construction getup with super mario mustache
15Feb Beef ambushes sitting duck Paddy at his father's funeral, the ceremony being declared game-on ground by Paddy himself.  Reception following resulted in tag passing from Paddy to 
Mikey, Mikey to BD, BD back to Paddy, Paddy to Beef, Beef to JoeyT with the vulcan mildmeld facetag. Conspiracy later to hit Bruiser in the morning fails due to JoeyT deciding to hold the power til the next day.
16Feb JoeyT hatches a conpiracy to do a restauarant hit on Beef per JoeyT's description:

"I kept the tag until saturday. There was a lot going on in my life and a family reunion centered around an aunt's 94th bday in the afternoon. The internment was in the morning and then went to lunch with Paddy and family. A quick visit to Mike's to say hello. Actually, that was a fun scene for his kids. Mike starts to run around the house as I chase, his girls started screaming and running around too and trying to prevent me from tagging Mike. Not on film but a very fun thing. Regardless, it was here that I formulated my plan. I would get Joey C. back. In order to accomplish this, I needed to move the tag around so that i was not in violation of the tag back rule. 

I met Mark outside of his work, he had been called in for an emergency saturday job. I tagged him, and then he proceeded to drive home pick up his kids to go to his parents house and swing by Bill's house to tag him. Bill was going to meet me at Mamma Mia's where I had confirmed with Joey C's mom that they would be dining. I picked up some supplies and wigs at home and my wife's long red coat. My daughter, Christie, was enlisted to be in on this. Christie is a keeper at Gonzaga University. I called her on the way and told her I needed her to look like an old lady and brought a scarf to cover her head. We both used my wife''s pairs of glasses. Christie was carrying an ipad and filmed it from her hand." 

18Feb Bru hit at his house by Pizza Man Scam by Beef 
21Feb Bru hits Paddy at Metropolitan Grill, betrayed by the now disinherited Ted
21Feb Paddy hits Beef at his Hut at 9:45pm, betrayed by Snake.  In a bizarre outburst of fear/shame/outrage, Beef kicks hole in his door.
22Feb  Beef conspires with Meng to get Mikey at ESPN interview, drives to Spoke and tags Meng at JJ's at 9:30pm
23Feb  Meng hits Mikey during interview at this house.  Mikey tags Beef as he drives out, to take Tg back to Seattle for next ambush
24Feb ESPN interview in Seattle fatures the Michael Corleone Tag ...Beef hides out in back room of Vertigo, passes tag to Bruiser, Bruiser hits Leepy in the interview chair.
25Feb  Leepus conspiracy tags Beef reaching car to car as they ride to Auburn to hot Bruiser at his health club.  
26Feb  Bru hits Leepus at his Union Square parking garage.  Leepus hits Beef 2 hrs later at Valhalla sports Bar in Kirkland.
27Feb  Beef hits Bru with Hag Tag at noon in his Auburn work parking lot.  Paddy evades tag at Seatac with Limo Driver Diversion.
28Feb Bruiser makes cross-state Pearl Harbor tag on JT at G-Prep dugout with aid from Meng.  JT ambushes Mikey at G-Prep theater at 7pm.