The 10 Players of Epic Tag since 1990

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2015 MEDIA
Feb 2: Eastside Tagbrother Training Vid
Feb 3: Paddy Taunts from New York

Feb 21: Billy Ake ambushed in Portland
Feb 25: KHQ TV Story
Feb 28: Left side view of Zag Tag
Feb 28: Right side view of Zag Tag
2014 MEDIA

Jan 28
Bru, Joey T, Lepus, Mikey, and Fr. Rafty on internet radio show Stepping Stones to Success with Kimberly Stewart
Feb 8
Sister Beef and Sister JT ambush BD at U Village!

Mar 14
2014 Highlights Video

Mar 14
Father Rafty Interview on the Jack and Dave Radio Show KLIN Lincoln Nebraska 
2013 MEDIA
Jan 28, 2013

Wall Street Journal

Jan. 29
Yahoo reprint of WSJ has 1169 comments
Daily Mail (UK)
Business Insider

Jan 30
JoeyT and Padre Rafty
KREM2 Spokane TV Spot

JoeyT and Mikey
CBC As It Happens

Paddy and Mikey on WGN Radio

Paddy on the Dori Monson show on KIRO Radio

Feb 1
JoeyT, Leep, and Ake on
John Hines Show, (Minnesota radio)

Feb 2
Malcolm Boyden Show, UK Radio time index 39:50
NPR Panel Quiz includes Tag Story halfway thru the 5 min spot of Panel Round Two

Mikey K on
Adelaide, Australia Radio Show
Feb 5

Wall Street Journal Followup

Feb 14

Beef and Rafty on Toronto Radio

Feb 19
KING5 Seattle TV Spot

Feb 26
Padre talks to cornhuskers on KLIN Radio Lincoln, NE

Feb 27
Padre Rafty on Sydney, Australia Radio

Mar 3
ESPN TV Feature 

Mar 4
Article on The Blaze

Mar 7
Padre Rafty followup with Linda Mottram on Sydney Radio
Mar 8
Mikey on Perth, Australia Radio "The Bunch"

Apr 1
Mikey and JT on the Jeff Probst Show

Apr 18
Tag Brothers Movie Announced

April 22
UK Guardian Tag Interview with Joey T

May 26
Spokesman Review article

Oct 27
CBS Sunday Morning with Lee Cowan