The 10 Players of Epic Tag since 1990

Three Basic Rules:

1. Tag Game play starts at Midnight, Feb 1, and lasts until Midnight Feb 28 (or 29 on leap years).
2. No touchbacks.
3. When asked if IT, a player must answer promptly and truthfully.

Players may use people not in the Game for informational gathering or deceptions, but not as actual chasers, blockers of movement, or capturers.  Loyal outsiders can be a Game advantage, as can the ability to lie like a politician.

It is generally not good sportsmanship to rapidly tag in circles in a social setting with more than two players. The tag is generally passed around no more than once, since an easy ambush is not considered worthy of advanced play. The Tagbrother style of play is more Jason Bourne than Dennis the Menace, but not much more.  

However, conspiracies are common, and planned tag transfers to enable a more elaborate travel / stakeout / ambush to reach a more remote player are considered worthy endeavors.  The primary goal is IT-evasion, followed closely by the secondary goal of creating Antics.  In the long run, it is the competitive adversarial antics we remember, not politeness.

Keep on Taggin'!